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On my last post I was talking about iSCSI Multipathig and how things work.

Today I will give you some information about how it works on ESXi 5.

The concept about it is pretty much the same, if you dont know it check my post about it, on ESXi 5 there’s a few changes that worth to mention.

First thing you would notice is the iSCSI Software, is not present on the list of Storage Adapters anymore.

It’s because it’s not installed by default.
So, click "add" to install iSCSI software on your host.

But the biggest improvement is the ability to bind the VMkernel adapter through a GUI, which means no more command lines to bind them.

On the iSCSI Properties you will see a new tab “Network Configuration” then you just need to add the port you will use for the iSCI communication.

It’s done.

You just need to configure the Discovery targets and scan your hosts.

Much better now right….what you are waiting to migrate to ESXi 5 ?!?!?

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