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VMware Aria Automation gives you complete control over your applications as you wield the power to create, delete, and scale your workloads effortlessly. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual tasks and ticketing systems, Aria Automation is the master or your environment assuring the guardrails and policies are enforced all the time.

Let's delve into the fascinating feature of vSphere Machine Resize operations and explore their behavior.

If you find yourself unable to access the Resize option, this simply means that you haven't been granted the necessary entitlements yet. Aria Automation operates on a robust and finely tuned policy framework, so ensure you possess the Day 2 Actions Policy featuring Cloud.vSphere.Machine.Rebuild action.

Let us embark upon the two distinct scenarios that lie before us.

Hot-Add NOT enabled
In this scenario, where hot-add is not enabled for your VM, there's nothing we can do.

After you select your new resources, the system will gracefully orchestrate a sequence of actions. It will command vCenter to temporarily shut down the VM, implement the necessary changes, and then bring your application back online in all its renewed glory. 

You can track the progress of this seamless transition through the tasks section.

Hot-Add enabled
When Hot-add is enabled, you have an additional option: whether to shutdown your VM before applying the changes or not. The decision is entirely in your hands, driven by the unique demands of your application

This time, as expected no outage was required, just the configuration of the VM was performed, as we can track through the vCenter tasks.

Be vigilant about how your configuration changes the behavior of the tool and avoid unintentional outages !!!


***    Resize behavior has been changed starting at  ******
***                Nov/2023 release or 8.14.1                              ******
***             check new post for the details                       ******

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