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VMware Aria Automation continues to exemplify a commitment to improvement, whether through colossal improvements or those fine-tuned enhancements. In the latest stride of innovation, VMware has released its November update for VMware Aria Automation SaaS, 8.14.1 for on-prem is coming soon. This release brings on an array of new features and fixes, each a testament to the ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience.

Among the notable updates is a nuanced refinement to a feature we recently delved into, the art of resizing vSphere machines. For a quick refresher, you can revisit the details here.

Now, let's delve into the unpretentious yet significant change that adds a layer of finesse to your resizing endeavors.

When Hot-Add is NOT Enabled: 

In scenarios where Hot-Add is not enabled, a thoughtful warning now graces the user interface, informing that, in order to perform the resize, the VM will necessitate a temporary shutdown. This proactively mitigates unintended outages and ensures a smooth resizing process.












When Hot-Add is Enabled:

For those leveraging the advantages of Hot-Add, an important adjustment awaits. The option to automatically select the VM reboot is no longer a default setting. This change is strategically implemented to prevent unintentional disruptions to services running on these VMs. It places the control firmly in the hands of users, promoting awareness about the expected behavior during the resizing process.













The brilliance of the software industry lies in its perpetual evolution. Sometimes, it's the grand leaps with new features that grab our attention, and at other times, it's the subtle tweaks, like the ones we explore here, that simplify our lives. 

Happy Automation !!!

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