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More than ever multi-cloud is a reality for many customers. If in the past we believed each customer would elect its preferred cloud provider and stick with it, time proves we were all wrong. Customers are taking advantage of every single cloud provider consuming the best from each of them.

No surprise a new disciple, FinOps, has emerged to help, govern, control, and achieve business value from the technology they are consuming.
To succeed in this endeavor FinOps teams need a consolidated view of all its expenses, no matter where they are, and also provide insights and opportunities for cost optimization and automation of its actions.

Luckily VMware is a recognized leader in multi-cloud management, leveraging VMware Aria Operations for on-premises datacenter, private and hybrid Cloud, and VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth for public clouds, working together to provide a holistic and complete view of all your expenses.

To make this integration work there are two distinct Management Packs available;

Integration for CloudHealth:
This management pack collect private cloud infrastructure cost from Aria Operations and pull them into Aria Cost, enabling the FinOps team to use Cost to get visibility into private cloud costs.
here the documentation on how to install it.

Management pack for CloudHealth:
This management pack tracks the public cloud infrastructure cost from Aria Cost and pulls it into Aria Operations, enabling infrastructure and VMware admins to have visibility of public costs under one roof or Aria Operations. here the documentation on how to install it.














Nothing prevents you from having both integrations working simultaneously providing full visibility with this bi-directional integration and all users across your organization can see the entire ecosystem in the platform most relevant to them.

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