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VMware's Multi-Cloud Management portfolio is in full expansion, it's SaaS offerings are receiving constant updates as its on-premises counterparts as well. It does not need much to miss some news or important information.
Don't worry !!! I did a review of all the greatest and good news that happens during the past few months.
Keep in mind it's not a comprehensive list, for that matter, I added the release notes link when appropriate.

Good reading !!!


VMware Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation)
Cloud: December release available on 07/Jan/2023 - Release notes:
On-premises: version 8.11 available on 19/Jan/2023

  • SaltStack has a new native config resource available, the old Salt Configuration property is no longer available;
  • Now you can select your Azure Availability Zone during provisioning;
  • Snapshots and Reset are available to GCP resources;
  • Change projects for deployments with Terraform and Ansible resources are now available;

More details:

VMware Aria Guardrails
Cloud: December release available on 07/Jan/2023

  • New Azure endpoints;
  • Dry-Run a Guardrail Template to test it prior to applying it;









More details:

VMware Aria Automation for Config (formerly SaltStack Config)

Cloud: December release available on 07/Jan/2023

On-premises: version 8.11 available on 19/Jan/2023













VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator

 On-premises: version 8.11 available on 19/Jan/2023 - release notes

  • It's a maintenance and bug fixes release;


VMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds (formerly CloudHealth Secure State)
Cloud: release available on 05/Dec/2022



VMware Aria Operations (formerly vRealize Operations)
Cloud: January release available on 09/Jan/2023 - release notes
On-premises: version 8.10.1 available on 15/Dec/2022

  • Application Monitoring High Availability through the use of Collector Groups;
  • Automation Central has now scheduled actions (power on, off, reboot) for public cloud resources;
  • Simplified cloud account for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) allowing better visibility into summary, objects, maximum configuration, and more;













The On-prem version is just a maintenance and bug fixes release that does not include the above enhancements yet.

VMware Aria Operations for Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight)
Cloud: January release available on 17/Jan/2023 - release notes
On-premises: version 8.10.2 available on 25/Jan/2023

  • Multi-AZ support, now every instance is deployed across multiples availability zones;
  • The variable Retention feature is deprecated in favor of the Log Partitions feature which allows ingestion and retention based on policies and rules;
  • Migration of Dashboard, Queries, and Alerts from on-prem to the Cloud is now available;

The On-prem version includes security fixes and updates to Apache Tomcat, Photon OS, and OpenJDK as stated in the advisory.


VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth (formerly CloudHealth)
Cloud: release available on 05/Dec/2022

  • Commitment Discount Recommendation for Azure reservable services; Enables you to better plan your discount purchasing decisions and optimize the money you commit to spend;
  • Support of deleting Azure Manage Disks through our policy engine;
  • New GCP asset page, similar to what we already have for AWS;
  • Support for additional AWS regions 
    • ap-south-2 (Hyderabad) 
    • eu-south-2 (Spain) 
    • eu-central-2 (Zurich) 
    • me-central-1 (UAE)


Bonus !!!

VMware Aria Hub is a new multi-cloud management platform and you can get Free-Tier access to it. just fill out the form;

vRealize Automation 8.7 and 8.8 are approaching it's end of General Support, by March 22nd and April 28th respectively. Make sure you upgrade you environment or move to the cloud before that. More details  on the Product Lifecycle matrix.

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