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Since the announcement of our next chapter on the multi-cloud management story, VMware Aria, I've been delighted to present the message, the vision, and the solution to several customers throughout zoom sessions, in-person meetings, VMUGs even at VMware Community Podcast and a pattern has arisen, pretty much all of them have the same doubts, that's why I decided to create this frequented answered questions post and reach a broader audience.

Let's start:

*** Implementation *** 

How much do VMware Aria Hub and VMware Aria Graph cost?
There's no cost associated with the use of Hub and Graph, as long as you are a user of VMware Aria Universal Suite or VMware Cloud Universal, you are entitled to use of VMware Aria Hub.

Can I install/deploy VMware Aria Hub on-premises?
The sort answer is no. Hub and Graph have been designed to consume multiple cloud-native solutions that are capable at ingest billions of metrics in near real-time, supporting the high hate of Cloud changes. One of the biggest challenges the customer would have managing it on-prem is that it would require maintaining and upgrading all the connected products at a rate far faster than today.

Do I need to have all VMware Aria solutions?
Absolutely not !!! But for a richer experience the more solutions providing information, metrics, and insights the better.

Can my on-premises management solutions implementations, VMware Aria Automation and VMware Aria Operations, feed information to VMware Aria Hub?
No, for VMware Aria Hub to consume information and metrics from other solutions it must be using its SaaS version on the same Org where you deploy those services.

What about my vCenters?
Don't worry, on-prem vCenters are supported.

*** Migration ***

Can I migrate my applications to other clouds?
The long-term strategy is to allow migration from any cloud to any cloud. But at initial availability, it will gonna initiate migrating applications between VMware Clouds, like VMC on AWS, GCVE, and AVS.

*** Others ***

What are the acronyms for those VMware Aria Solutions?
VMware does not officially provide acronyms for its solutions, while things like vRA, vROPs are very popular, it's something the community started and sticky, let's see what they come up with this time.

What's the user interface of VMware Aria Graph?
VMware Aria Graph is the federated cloud-scale graph-based datastore that powers VMware Aria Hub, so there's no UI, but it has a powerful API if you want to interface directly with it.

How can I try/evaluate VMware Aria?
In VMware Explore Europe in Barcelona, we are excited to announce a free tier of VMware Aria Hub at no charge. Hurry up and sign up for access to a free tier.

Do I need VMware Aria Cost for the free tier?
No. VMWare Aria Hub free tier comes with the basic functionality of VMware Aria Cost to provide visibility into your costs along with CIS benchmark security findings.

Is there any other question you wanna see answered? just add to the comments bellow and I will get to them !!


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