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Recently I upgraded my environment with vSphere 7 Update 2 and while doing some new tests with vSphere with Tanzu, like Virtual Machine services (more about it on a latter post), to my surprise the creation of Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with an YAML file I’ve been using for several months for my demos failed


When I describe the deployment of TKG cluster I found out an error saying VirtualMachineClassBindingNotFound.


Running the command “kubectl get virtualmachineclasses” proved that the Virtual Machine Class I was using on my descriptive file was available inside the Namespace.


That’s when I remember the new Virtual Machine Service and decided to take an extra look to my Namespace’s configuration.


To my surprise (it should not be) there’s an entire new section for VM Service and one of the options is to configure VM Classes


Once I enabled the VM Class I was using on my TKG Cluster everything worked as expected and my cluster was created successfully.


This improvement enhanced a lot the governance of the platform, allowing operators to control the resources the developers can consume in a very stylish way.


See you next


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