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A few weeks ago, I blogged about how to enable Workload Management Cluster (WMC) on vSphere with Tanzu using NSX and vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) with HAProxy.


You might also have heard that starting with vSphere Update 2 there’s a new Load Balancer option for vDS use cases, NSX Advanced Load Balancer.


NSX Advanced Load Balancer uses a software-defined architecture that separates the central control from the distributed data plane where the services run. It represents full-featured, enterprise-grade load balancers, web application firewall (WAF), and analytics that provide traffic managementand application security while collecting real-time analytics from the traffic flows.


The best thing about it is that NSX Advanced Load Balancer is included in every Tanzu Edition.


Before enabling it, make sure all the requirements aremet, here’s the video;



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