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During a Big Data Extension cluster creation, you choose what the node's password will be, either a specified one or a random generated one, them all nodes will be created using the same password.

It’s not unusual that sometimes you need to login directly on the nodes’ console through SSH to perform some troubleshooting, run commands or scripts, but in order to execute this, first you need to properly login with a username and password.
Well, if you specified the password during creation it’s easy, but what about the random password ?

The random password is not shown on any GUI option. To identify the random password you will need to open the node’s console through vSphere Web Client.

There’s it, the random password will be shown on the hosts’s banner.

You might have realized already that it’s not the most secure method since everybody with a vSphere privilege could open the node’s console and check the password for your nodes. 
Some companies have restrict security policies which would not allow this behavior. 

So how do we change the password on all nodes of a cluster ?

       -    login to BDE Management Server CLI
-       run: serengeti-ssh.sh Cluster_Name ‘echo New_Password | sudo passwd serengeti –stdin’

If you forget the password, just change it again !!!

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