Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chargeback Reporting Fail

If you follow my posts, you might have realized I’m writing a lot about vCloud Director and Chargeback. Well, that’s simple. I’m jumping from Service Provider to Service Provider implementing Cloud solutions. Have you started yours already ?!?

This week’s issue is about exporting Chargeback’s Report for a vCloud Director Hierarchy using vRealize Orchestrator (vRO).
My client wants to automatically exports Chargeback reports, what better tool for the job than vRO, hein ?!?!?

Instead of creating everything from scratch, we installed the plug-in for Chargeback (be aware of compatibilities’ version) in order to use the built-in Reporting workflow.

 One thing pop up immediately, the reports for some clients, finished properly while others end-up abruptly with the following error: Cannot convert org.mozilla.javascript.NativeArray@76ad5dfd to java.lang.Integer[] (Dynamic Script Module name : generateReport#19)

After some investigation, we figured out that Org vDCs without any Org Network were the ones failing constantly.
I contacted the VMware Engineering team, which confirmed this bug and provided me a new workflow for testing.
After updating the workflow all my reports concluded successfully.

If you are facing this issue and the fix did not make it’s way out to the production yet, just open up a case with VMware support and mention of my case (SR14569943212).

Happy Reporting !!!

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