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I’ve been working on a public cloud solution for one of our vCloud Air Network Service Providers.  I was creating some automation for their billing system and one of the tasks was to automatize the extraction of vCenter Chargeback Cost Reports, this task is easily accomplished with vR Orchestrator.

vR Orchestrator has a plug-in for vCenter Chargeback which allow us to connect to it, generate reports and export it (among other things).

Sadly when I was configuring the integration, I started receiving and error message stating that Chargeback could not be added into vRO system.

The error said: java.lang.Exception: Unable to login as the service is not running on to the specified port

 Immediately I started with the basic troubleshoot scenario:

- Checked port (443) communication between vRO and Chargeback . It was OK.
- Credential to login on Chargeback. It was OK.
- SSL Certificates. Just to make sure, I re-generate the certificate and re-import into vRO. No problems here.

Since everything looked perfectly fine I decided to open a case with VMware support.

The environment was:
vRO: (
vRO Plugin for Chargeback:
Chargeback: 2.6 (1445187)

After some exchange of information and tests they figured out what was wrong.

vRO 5.5 uses java 1.7 and the Chargeback SDK implemented on the plug-in could not establish communication with that version of java.

The solution was to update the plug-in to use a version compatible with java 1.7 of the vRO.
Once they provided me the new plug-in I was able to configure Chargeback successfully.

I’m expecting that the new plug-in will be updated at Solution Exchange very soon, meantime you can get the new version opening a case with VMware support, mention my case (SR14548138010) and they can provide you the new plug-in.

I little bit of extra information,  this issue does not happen on vRO 5.1.

BTW, is it Christmas already ?!?!

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