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You are used to configure Storage Pofiles on vCenter to make Storage Tiering available for vCloud Director, but on your recently implementation with vCloud Director 5.5 you figured out the Storage Profiles are not reflecting on vCD anymore.
no matter how many times you refresh the Storage Policies on vCloud nothing is showing up.

Don’t worry, it’s by design.

There’s a slight change on vCloud 5.5 when it’s backed up by a vCenter 5.5.
On these situations vCloud will use the Storage Policy instead.

Without further ado, lets see how to set up vCenter 5.5 to reflect the Storage Tiering on your vCloud 5.5 implementation.

First thing you need to know is that Storage Policy is based on vendor specific capabilities (which will need VASA enabled) or Tags.
Personally I think Tags are useful and enable more flexibility and mix and matches situations, so let’s see how to create those tags.

- Select your vCenter, Click on Manager and then on Tags
- Click on the small icon with a plus to create a new tag

- Give it a Name and a Category

Now we need to assign the Tag to the datastore which match it’s characteristics.
 - Select Datastores,
-  Then click on the specific datastore you want to assign the Tag
- Click Manage and Tags
- Click on the second small icon to select the Tag.

On the example above we can see the datastore has a tag “SAS”.

Next step is to create the Storage Policy.

- On the Home of your vCenter click on Storage Policies (see it’s not Storage Profiles anymore)

- Click on the Icon to Enable the Policy

- Select the cluster where would you like to enable Storage Policy and click on Enable

- Click on the icon to create your Storage Policy

- Give it a name and click Next

- Click Add tag-based rule

- Select the Tag you just created and click OK

- You will see the resources that matched the Tag you selected, click Next

- Click Finish to create your Storage Policy

We are done !!

Just go back to vCloud and refresh your Storage Policies and this new one will show up properly.

Review of cross functionality

vCloud 5.5 and vCenter 5.1 – Will use Storage Profiles configured on vCenter
vCloud 5.5 and vCenter 5.5 – Will use Storage Policy configured on vCenter.

Now your Storage Tiering Policy is back in place.

See you

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