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From time to time I stumble with a client questioning about how to make VMware vCloud Director to join a computer at a specific OU other than default Computers OU.
Some of them are using fancy scripts into the guest or using the Guest OS Customization tab to accomplish this task.

Well, these days are behind us, VMware vCloud is now capable of joining computers at the right OU without those inventive scripts.
I have to admit I read the vCloud’s release notes of all versions and I did not find when this feature was introduced.

So, how do I join a computer to a specific OU with vCloud ?

You have a few options to set it up, at the Organization, vApp or VM level.

- On the Organization’s properties, select Administration and then Guest Personalization.
Add the DN (Distinguished Name) of the desired OU on the Account Organization Unit field and you are good to go.
After that, every machine created from this Organization would join the Organization’s default OU you just set up.

- On the vApp’s properties, select Guest OS Customization, select the option to overwrite the organization’s domain and add the DN for the OU you want.
 Now when the vApp/VM get customized it will overwrite the default Organization’s OU.

  ********************************      Addendum      ********************************

Here are a few more common issues when you are facing issues when customizing your guest with Sysprep within vCloud.

First make sure every cell has the Sysprep files.
 While new O.S does not require it, the old ones still need them. Check KB 1026313 for details.

Another one is related to network connectivity, as vCloud make use of IP Ranges to attribute IPs to VMs, you might have the wrong impression that’s all it needs. But it’s not.
Sysprep requires DHCP available before it kicks in, so depending on your network design you will need a different approach.

For Direct Connection networks you need a DHCP listening on the network segment.

For Routed Connection network you need to enable DHCP on the vCNS Edge.

Since the IP will be required just for a small period, a good practice would be to reduce the DHCP Lease Time on those scopes.

Not sure if it’s something else ?  Take a look at the Sysprep log file.

I hope this post helps you fix all the O.S. customization issues you might be having with vCloud.

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