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******                             Updated information - Sept 25, 2013                   ******
******                               Send logs functionality is restored.                     ****** *************************************************************************

Greetings dear friends,

By now you should have seen that the functionality of sending logs to VMware is no longer working.  Kind of, keep reading….

If you are a VMware Support Assistance type of guy and, like me, love the option to open support cases and send the logs through it, you will realize that sending logs is not working anymore.
With a quick internet search you might find KB2059759, with all the details about it, not worth to copy and past it here.

Fortunately, you can still open your support cases through it normally.

Or if you are more an old fashioned type of guy, and that’s OK, you will realize that when opening your support cases through MyVMware, there’ll be an alert about this issue.

 The thing is, there has been a last minute change in the support request file upload process that disrupts the feature of uploading files to VMware through HTTP connections, exactly how MyVMware and Support Assistances were made to send the logs to.

VMware is working diligent to have it fixed as soon as possible, meanwhile you have to use the old way, upload files manually through FTP, probably the old fashioned guys will love that ; )

Here’s a video about how to do that, but if you want more details check KB1008525

When a fix is available I will let you know, keep tuned.

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