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Have you had issues while preparing the host ESXi to VMware vCloud Director ?

Probably not, but if you are like me and constantly need to build vCloud Director labs over an over, rebuild a vCloud system or may be re-use your hosts on another vCloud system, you might end up with the following error:

Cannot prepare host.

Clicking on the message error for the details, you get:
The host “XXXX” is managed by another vCloud Director system “YYYY”. Unprepare the host from the older system or uninstall the agent software on the host.

What occurs is that vCloud Director installs an agent on the hosts ESXi to allow proper communication between vCloud components and the hosts.

Before you remove a host from a vCloud system, you should unprepared it first otherwise you will not be able to prepare it on the new system.

But, what if you don’t have access to the old system anymore?
You can always manually uninstall it ; )

On ESXi 5.x run:
esxcli software vib remove -n vcloud-agent

If you are still using old versions of ESXi, run:

Then, on vCloud admin page, click on Manage e Monitor, select hosts.
On the right page select the host you desire to install the agent and click on Prepare Host …

Now you should get all the hosts prepared and ready to your Journey to the Cloud !!!

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