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Site Recovery Manager (SRM) implementation is always challenging, each storage vendor/model has it’s own requirements and ways of configuring it. For a successfully implementation you need to take into consideration several aspects like:

- HCL compatibility  (I don’t have to mention it’s mandatory right)
- replication engine/technology
- software requirements
- minimum storage firmware level

But, In my own experience, what really made a difference was having on the same boat, the storage guy, the one that really understands the environment, how the storage works and how to configure it, so, bring him on board.

Well, so what’s this post about ?!?!

I decided to create my own SRM reference guide. From time to time I’ve been pushing back to scenarios that I have worked before but I cannot remember some of the details.
While those posts will remember me about those specific scenarios, it can also help others facing it for the very first time.

The intention is not to cover SRM installation, it's pretty straighfor and there are plenty of resources out there covering it.

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