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Following my SRM Definitive Guide, today we will cover the configuration of Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for the EMC DMX4 storage on SRM 5.0

VMware vCenter: 5.0
Site Recovery Manager (SRM): 5.0
Storage Vendor: EMC
Storage Model: DMX4
Replication Technology: SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility)

The first document you should take a look at is the one that comes with SRA, EMC SRDF Storage Replication Adapter.

As much as it gives a good start it’s does not have all the details you might need, in this case I recommend the Using EMC SRDF Adapter for VMware vCenter Site RecoveryManager 5.0 , which can be found on Powerlink (if you do not have an account yet, get a registration, it’s free!!)

 The firmware requirements and software requirements are very well documented, there’s no reason to repeat it here.

For SRM to works properly you need a way to manipulate the storage (local and remote). Solution Enabler is the tool for the job, it discovery and manages the storage arrays on behalf of SRM.
You could just point your SRM server to another server which already has Solution Enabler installed and working, but, IMHO, it just adds more complexity and dependency on your solution, my advice is to install it on the SRM server itself.

Solutions Enabler manipulates the storage through a small disk (6mb) called GateKeeper, it’s a kind of control LUN, so if you are installing SRM on a virtual server, provision a RDM/RAW disk in physical mode. (remember that this disk must be provided by the storage you have your replicated disks)

 During Solutions Enabler installation, make sure you install SYMAPI Server Daemon, it will create a service, that works on port 2707 that will allow the remote SRM to communicate with it’s local storage.

Install Solutions Enabler on both SRM servers (local/remote)

Next step would be installing SRA, on both servers, there’s not trick here, just NEXT, NEXT, NEXT…..

The final piece would be configuring the SRA, it’s done inside the SRM itself. Click on Array Managers and then on Add Array Manager.

Give it a descriptive name and choose the SRA type (in this case EMC SRDF)

On Local SYMAPI Server, just put the IP of local SRM server, or just type local.
On Remote SYMAPI Server, just put the IP of the remote SRM server.

Configure the SRA for the remote SRM server as well, just remember to switch the IP’s information.

Now you can Enable the arrays and Scan for your replicated disks.

Good luck

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