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During my VDI projects with VMware View, it’s inevitable to reach a point where the customer asked me: Should I use SYSPREP or QUICKPREP ?

As you know, the most correct answer for a Consultant is, it depends !!! : )

Take some time to understand the differences between them.  
For a quick reference I’m putting the table bellow.

Seems the most relevant question is raised about the change of the SID.
I’m not here to discuss if duplicated SIDs imposes an issue or not, there are several article on the internet discussing about it…

My best advice is,  test each one of them on your own environment with your own applications. Some applications could be designed to rely on SIDs to identify the machine on the network or to perform some other operation.

When using Quickprep to create your pool of Full VMs or Linked Clones VMs, on the Guest Customization screen you just need to select it and go ahead with the wizard.

When using Sysprep to create your pool of Full VMs or Linked Clones VMs, on the Guest Customization screen, you might not be able to proceed, because the NEXT button will not be available after you chance to Sysprep.

That’s because you need create a Sysprep customization file first.
Go back to your vCenter and at the Home screen click on Customization Specification Manager, click “NEW” and follow the wizard to create the customization answer file,  the process of creating a customization is easy and I wont go into details here, I’m pretty sure you can handle that ; )

Once it’s done, you can go back to the pool creation and after selecting the customization answer to be used with Sysprep, you will see that the NEXT button is available and  you can proceed with your pool creation.

Also, don’t forget if you are creating virtual desktops olders than Windows 7 you need to copy and setup the sysprep files on vCenter..check it out how.

I hope it helps you on your VMware View projects.

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