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 VMware World 2012 is just right around the corner.
This year it will take place in San Francisco from August 26th to 30th  and in Barcelona from October 9th to 11th.

There will be several, if not hundreds of sessions and labs to attend. That will be awesome. Just check the agenda to learn what will be available.

But, at this point, if you did not get an invitation, an sponsorship or could not convince your boss about sending you to VMware World, it’s rarely likely that you gonna make it.

So, How could you be part of the event, learn about the most innovation news and products on this area ?!?!

The answer is easy, REMOTELY !!!!

VMware provides a live experience through a web site, so, if you could not make it, access the Experience Live portal to check shared live feeds, videos, photos, tweets and event coverage from the conference.

There’s also VMware Now which will provide a digital experience for products announcements demos and more, once you registered, you will start receiving links for the events.

Good Event…

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