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Hey there, it has been a long time ....
The past few weeks I went very busy and just today I could afford some minutes to post something new.

At this point you should be familiar with HA and slots sizes, right…if you are not I recommend you to read this post at Yellow Bricks.

Now you might realize that the slot size will direct impact your failover capacity.

So be careful when setting up reservations on your guests.

vSphere 4.x gives us good information what the slots sizes are:
Selecting the cluster, click on the Summary Tab,
You will find the Vmware HA information box

If you click “Advanced Run time Info” you will see it’s slot size

Ok, now you know what your slot size is. But how do you identify which individual VM is contributing to the slot size ?

Well, I found this great script at Virtu-Al blog.

Identifying the offender VMs is helpful to understand if you made a mistake configuring them.

Check the video bellow on that in action.

SlotInfo from Alan Renouf on Vimeo.

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