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If you think VMWARE is all just about virtualization, you are wrong.
It’s also playing well on SaaS (Software as a Service) field.

VMWARE has several companies/projects in parallel and I’m sure you will be amazed with those products. As every new app design for the Cloud, they provide access to several types of devices, like PCs, smatphones, tablets, etc..

SocialCast, think about it as your internal Facebook. You can share ideas among the peers or your project or the entirely company. With this collaborative environment you can increase productivity and communication.

SlideRocket, it’s a communication platform intended to create presentations and share in a more rousted way. You can for example update your presentation and everybody how has a copy of it would automatically see the new version.

Zimbra, is the email, calendar and collaboration system. It has great flexibility and integration with others tools, it really looks like the email of the future.

Project Octopus, it’s your central location to store your files, it looks like the file share you have at work right, but because it’s on the internet, or should I say cloud, it’s accessible anywhere you are not just inside your company. Also you can share those files with anyone with all the secure you want.

Horizon App Manager, is a centrally dashboard for all application will need access to, it also provides single-sing-on to all of them. But the great thing about it is that you can enforce your policies even with the 3rd party applications and all your password stay behind your firewalls.

Shavlik, VMWARE has also your own patch management system, it works pretty much as Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, but the engine has been improved to include much more systems and applications to check the vulnerabilities.

you can learn more about which one of them, just going into theirs home pages.

see you.

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