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Today let’s talk about the log control of your VMWARE system.

I believe most of you must have some kind of policy or regulatory law to be compliant with.
In most cases it involves to keep a history of log files.
Also it’s a good practice to have control of your log files to avoid them to fill up your system volume with data.

Well, on ESX it’s controlled by logrotation.conf found at /etc/

Bellow you can see an example of my logrotation.conf

Log rotate is a powerfull resource and there’s a lot of options you can set up.
I just gave you the basics. If you want to read more about it just type: man logrotate on you host’s console

Before change you log configuration make sure you stop syslog to avoid any issue:

Let’s see how implement that

Log on your host’s console
Run: /etc/init.d/syslog stop
Run: vi /etc/logrotate.conf
Make the changes you want, save and close the file
Run: /etc/init.d/syslog start

Next post I will show how to control the log of your guests. Don’t miss that

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