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It's that time of the year again, VMware Explore is right at the corner, where once again we will unveil ambitious plans and amazing solutions to our customers Worlwild. Early-Bird registration is already open.

You dont need to wait until August to learn more, the enhancements and releases are already happening accross the solution with a real focus on customers demands, sit back and enjoy the highlights I bring to you in the following sections.

VMware Aria Automation 

On-Premises: version 8.17 build: 23831516 on 14/May/2024 - Release notes:

  • New Home Page; brings an overview of cloud environments, summary of cloud zones, projects and deployments, also includes recent notifications;

  • Content sharing scope at Organization Level;

  • Day 2 action to unregister cluster of VMs from Automation without deleting them from vCenter;
  • Integration of Aria Operations with multiple Aria Automation Tenants;
  • New Launchpad with onboard workflows to assist users in realizing the value more quickly;

  • Announced the intention to deprecate TKG and TMC native integrations in future releases; customers are encouraged to use the CCI integration instead;
  • Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI) elements for Namespace, TKG and VM service is now available within design canvas for blueprint templating;

 On-Premises: version 8.17 build: 23787547 on 14/May/2024 - Release notes:
  • On stand-alone Orchestrator, the License Management has been moved from control center to Orchestrator client; 

VMware Aria Operations 

On-premises 8.17.1 build: 23642243 (11/Apr) - Release notes:

  • New upgrade flow to reduce potential data collection interruptions KB97390;
  • Enhanced GPU metrics, dashboards and views;
  • Workload Placement enhancements;
    • specific action-base notifications for WLP sucessfull or failure tasks.
    • new fields have been incorporated to the auditing tasks for easier clarification.
  • New vSAN monitoring capabilities;
    • new health score graph for each vSAN cluster.
    • free space effectiveness based on storage policy.
  • Basic authentication (user/password) has been deprecated for API access, use token-based authentication instead;
  • Change behavior for computed capacity metrics;
    • when data collection fails the following metrics are now set to empty instead of 0, until the next data collection occurs.
      • Summary|Is Oversized
      • Summary|Is Undersized
      • Summary|Oversized|Memory (KB)
      • Summary|Oversized|Virtual CPUs
      • Summary|Undersized|Memory (KB)
      • Summary|Undersized|Virtual CPUs 

On-prem 8.17.1 Hotfix 2 build: 23821701 (17/May)

  • Automation Central job is failing snapshot deletion;
  • Utilization metric for App monitoring is showing an extra zero;
  • Reads per Second have increased due to pricing calculation;
  • Hosts sort selection on cost driver;
  • Around 70 CVEs were resolved

On-premises 8.17.1 HotFix 1 build: 23708533 (25/Apr)

  • Property last value timestamp is incorrect;
  • Collection fails by newly added node;
  • Fix vSAN performance API Request Parameters;
  • SDK broken compatibility for some management packs;
  • Analytics upcoming is falling with “Run timeExpection”;OpenSSL vulnerability fixed;
  • Around 30 CVEs were resolved;



Don't lose support !!!
Aria Automation 8.12.2 end of support by June 29th, 2024.
Aria Automation 8.13    end of support by August 03rd, 2024.
Aria Automation 8.13 .1  end of support by September 07th, 2024.
Aria Operations 8.10 end of support by October 10th, 2024.

Check the product lifecycle matrix for more details: We strongly recommend keeping your solutions to the latest version possible, ensuring the best experience and active support. 
Maintaining your environment up to date has been incredibly easy and automated with the use of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

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