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In our journey through the challenges of modern applications, the Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI) in VMware Aria Automation reveals unparallel freedom and agility for developers.


Recalling our last encounter, we ventured into the creation of a Supervisor Namespace, a virtual sandbox where developers could unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life. 

Now, with our Supervisor Namespace primed and ready, the true adventure begins.



Enter Tanzu Kubernetes Grid services, a revolutionary approaches that places the power of self-service, conformant Kubernetes clusters at your fingertips. 

Begin by hitting the +Create button within the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid service. 


Choose between the ClusterClass API and TanzuKubernetesCluster API. 

Opting for "Custom Configuration" enables you to tailor your Kubernetes cluster to suit your specific requirements. Proceed by clicking NEXT;


Under General Settings, you set your cluster name, select the curated Kubernetes version compatible with your environment and select the desired Storage Classes to be made available to your K8s, click NEXT to proceed;

Configure the number of replicas for your control plane and choose from the available VM Classes provided within your Supervisor Namespace. Select the appropriate Storage Class for storing these replicas and hit NEXT;


Worker nodes are the lifeblood of any Kubernetes cluster. Grouped under node pools, they share resource allocations and storage. Click +Add NodePool.


Assign a name for your nodepool, configure the desired number of nodes (replicas), and select the corresponding VM Class and Storage Class. Click NEXT to continue; 


Take a moment to review your configuration settings before clicking Finish.

Create additional node pools if needed and once done proceed to the next step. 

Throughout the configuration process, a YAML manifest is automatically generated on the right panel. Utilize the options at the bottom to copy or download this manifest for future reference. 

 Finally, click Finish, sit back, and grab a cup of coffee as you witness the magic unfold before your eyes.


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