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In the vibrant atmosphere of VMware Explore São Paulo last October, I had the pleasure of sharing insights with hundreds of engaged customers and partners. Among the sessions, one stood out, a deep dive into leveraging VMware Aria Operations to craft customized dashboards.


Our focus was a meticulously designed dashboard, a symphony of the most powerful widgets, offering users a high-level panorama of their environment. This visual masterpiece empowers users to swiftly visualize the health of their system, spot imminent threats, identify potential capacity concerns, and pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

This clean and intuitive view act as a lighthouse, allowing customers to promptly identify situations and, more crucially, dive into solutions, drill down into the intricacies, analyzing additional metrics and events to expedite root cause analysis.

The response was phenomenal, with numerous customers expressing a keen interest in adopting this dashboard for their own environments.
I'm thrilled to announce its now available for download.

Implement it in your environment and unlock the added value it brings to your operational insights!!


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