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Today, we embark on an exciting journey of upgrading my lab to VMware Aria Suite version 8.12 in order to benefit from all the recently new features released.

Of course the tool for the job is the exceptional VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, a tool designed to simplify and automate lifecycle tasks, ensuring a smooth and efficient environment.

To kickstart the upgrade process, we first focused on upgrading Aria Suite Lifecycle itself. With its user-friendly interface, upgrading to version 8.12 was a breeze. Simply navigate to Settings/System Upgrade, initiate the process, and enjoy a well-deserved cup of coffee as the magic unfolds.

Next, it was time to upgrade the suite's individual products. It's a straightforward process involved visiting Settings/Binary Mapping and effortlessly adding the required binaries to our upgrade arsenal.

However, that's when our journey encountered a minor obstacle along the way. While downloading VMware Aria Operations for Logs 8.12 (formerly vRealize Log Insight), an error message surfaced, stating, "Unable to find the requested product version details in VMware Aria Suite Versions this user account is entitled to." 


My account and entitlements were in perfect order. I decided to take a different approach, manually downloading the patch from customer connect and adding it via Lifecycle Manager itself.

This time the error was something related with checksum. "Selected files checksum does not match with any product versions supported".

Time to explore the realm of Product Support Packs and was pleasantly surprised to discover two of them; and Taking decisive action, we upgraded both support packs, laying the foundation for a successful upgrade of Aria Operations for Logs to version 8.12.

If you dont see any, make sure you hit Check Support Packs Online first.

I learned an invaluable lesson: the importance of keeping our environments up to date.


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