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The most wanted vSphere 7 feature is undoubted the Workload Management Cluster, integrating K8s cluster into vSphere to allow true visibility of PODs, containers and VMs, side by side.

You all know that, what I really want to cover now is a very simple tip, but took me sometime to find the right answer, so here it is.

When you try to enable Workload Management for a cluster you might end up getting some incompatibility errors:

Sometimes de error is clear, sometimes not too much....

In my case I was sure all the requirements has been took care properly, I double checked just in case.

You might get lucky getting more information through the use o DCLI in vCenter

Run: dcli com vmware vcenter cluster list
 you can also get some extra details 
Run: dcli com vmware vcenter namespacemanagement distributedswitchcompatibility 
list --cluster

 or as always, the true is on the logs

Run: tail -f /var/log/vmware/wcp/wcpsvc.log 

all this process is documented here.

back to my case,  it seemed it was some communication issues between NSX and vCenter... that's when I remember when registering vCenter as a computer management in NSX there's a trust option I missed.

Seems not all requirements was ready after all !!!

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