Thursday, July 7, 2016

Scheduling vRO workflows

Do you know that amazing vRealize Orchestrator workflow of yours, would not you like to run it automatically or from time to time?!?!
Well, vRO has a scheduler engine, so you can schedule your workflows to run at the specific time, let’s see how it works !!!

-       Right click the workflow you want to schedule and select Schedule workflow

-       Give it a name, recurrence type, recurrence end date (leave it blank if you want to run it indefinitely) and click Submit

There’s a few recurrence type as Every hour, day, month…. But curiously, even thoug I pick Every day it will not run once a day only as you might think off, as you can see on the screen, I can add multiple entries that will kick-off my workflow, on the example it will run daily at 14:30 and 18:30.

How do I change the schedule once I created it ?
It’s even simpler.

-       Click the Scheduler tab and select the schedule you just created.
-       On the right you will see it’s details, click on the pencil to edit it.

Easy Easy Easy


Unknown said...

Hello ,

i want to learn Orchestrator from basic

Will you please provide any notes\links if possible

Eduardo Meirelles da Rocha said...

Hi Mitrajeet,
You can start with some basic videos like:
then you can check some nice blogs focus on vRO, it goes from basic to really deep dive topics
If you need a more official training you can look at my learn, ICM are a good start point.

hope this helps...see you

Anonymous said...

can we export scheduler and import in another vRO server?

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