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Do you know that amazing vRealize Orchestrator workflow of yours, would not you like to run it automatically or from time to time?!?!
Well, vRO has a scheduler engine, so you can schedule your workflows to run at the specific time, let’s see how it works !!!

-       Right click the workflow you want to schedule and select Schedule workflow

-       Give it a name, recurrence type, recurrence end date (leave it blank if you want to run it indefinitely) and click Submit

There’s a few recurrence type as Every hour, day, month…. But curiously, even thoug I pick Every day it will not run once a day only as you might think off, as you can see on the screen, I can add multiple entries that will kick-off my workflow, on the example it will run daily at 14:30 and 18:30.

How do I change the schedule once I created it ?
It’s even simpler.

-       Click the Scheduler tab and select the schedule you just created.
-       On the right you will see it’s details, click on the pencil to edit it.

Easy Easy Easy

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