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Past week VMware released updates to a variety of products, the majority of them were driven by VMworld 2015 announcements while others carry compatibility enhancements, new features and even bug fixes.

I’ll highlight the features I think are the coolest ones, but you are welcome to read the full release notes.
I don’t expect you guys to read it all, but focus on the products you have deployed on your environment today. I’m sure you will find some great news…

This release of vCenter brings some security enhancements like, disabling support for SSLv3 and vCSA Kerberos authentication against AD supporting only AES256-CTS/AES128-CTS/RC4-HMAC encryption along with vSAN and Fault Tolerance compatibility.

The host ESXi leverage the same security enhancement listed for vCenter above, but the most commented feature seems to be the Stretch Cluster support with vSAN 6.0 U1.

That’s just amazing, Stretched Cluster support based on vSAN Datastores, how great is to protect your work load across two geographic locations ?!?
Also a welcome to branch officers all around the word is the ability to have vSAN clusters of only two nodes. Last but not least the integrated Health Check service that monitors your vSAN cluster for hardware compatibility, network configuration and operations.

That’s just a minor release to support some new endpoints as:
- OpenStack Juno
- vCloud Director 5.5.2
- Orchestrator 6.0.3
- vSphere 5.5 U3 and 6.0 U1
What about this minor new feature ?!?! The ability to disable snapshot for all users including business group managers and support users.

This release brings support to vSphere 6 along with NSX 6.1.4.
But more interesting is the feature of creating Organization Virtual Data Centers Templates that can be offered on a self-service basis.

SRM 6.1 is aligned with vSphere 6.0 U1 support, but it also debuts the storage policy base protection, protecting VMs based on their policies and not their underling datastores.

Along with some UI enhancements to provide more simplified wizard the greatest news is the 5 minutes RPO (only when you have both source and destination vSAN datastores).

This release of VIO comes with Kilo release, the last one for Openstack and also the capability of upgrade roll-back in case of anything goes wrong. Load Balance as a Service with Neutron service has been add to this release as well. Resource Measurement and utilization has been added as TechPreview based on Ceilometer service. Auto Scaling service through Heat is also there, nice, right ?!?

I think the most notable news here is that Hyperic functionality is built in on vROps core product, meaning you don’t need to deploy and configure the Hyperic Appliance anymore, but you still need to install the agent on the VMs you want to monitor.

With more than 20 bug fixes this release focus on stability and reliability, check the list of fixes, it might has one that will solve a problem on your environment.

The price and details of deleted VMs can now be viewed on the current month. Another feature is the capability of mapping business units to vRA Tenant Administrator.

This version on Log insight was focus more on scalability, supporting now two times more ingest data per second, 15.000 events per second per node and the number of nodes per cluster has doubled, this is huge.

New extensibilities over here, invoke published Blueprints from release pipeline and Code Stream plug-in for Jenkins continuous integration dashboard have been added..

Microsoft Windows 10 support as host as long as a guest operation system. Support for USB 3.0 redirect and Microsoft DirectX10 support are just a sample of the Horizon Flex features.

Hard to download all these new releases ? Take a look at VMware Software Manager...

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