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Is It getting harder and harder to keep track of all VMware’s Product Launches, upgrades, hotfixes and new releases these days, right ? 

Luckily VMware launched a new program called VMware Software Manager, that can help you track which is the most recent release of it’s products and more, download them to your compute while checking the integrity of them, nice…. Even nicer is that it’s free.

It does not have a lot of pre-requisites, just a Windows 64bit O.S. version (yes, this first release is just Windows aware). You can check all the details on the User's Guide.

Talking abou the installation, it’s pretty simple, so simple that wont cover here, the only thing that mention to comment is that during installation it will ask you for the depot location, that’s where your downloads will be copied to.

 Don’t worry, it's possible to change the depot location later !!!
On the taskbar there’s an icon for Software Manager

- Right Click on it and select, Settings and then Set Download Location

To start with you will need to login with your MyVMware Account      

Then, you can browser to the available products.
Another caveat here, not all products are available, they will be added soon, so far we do have.

VMware vCloud Suite – 6.0, 5.8 and 5.5
VMware vSphere – 6.0, 5.5 and 5.1

If you don’t want to browse through them,  there’s also some cool filter options.

Once you find the one you need just hit the download button and go grab a cup of coffee.

Something to mention is that the support of Software Manager is handle by the community on this initial phase.
If you have a problem, drop us a question, I’m sure you will be answered before this cup of coffee get cold ; )

Go ahead, download VMware Software Manager and give it a try.

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