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Busy week here at VMware with so many products receiving releases, while some of them are just bug fixes others have huge changes, I will try to list the most interesting ones of each one, but I really encourage all of you to read the entirely release notes.

Let’s see what's new though

This release has so many fixes covering areas like Installation, Advanced Services Design, Configuration and provisioning that I wont be able to list here. But It brought some new cool NSX integrations, improvements on reporting a vCO plug-in and much more.

Besides all the fixes, it’s a small release wich did not bring anything new, just the support matrix has been expanded to now includes CentOS 6.5 as a vCD cell and Oracle 12c and SQL 2014 as a database.
But one thing that worths mentioning is that when adding or removing datastores from datastores clusters does not longer impacts vCD. See KB2075366

There’s no new features on this release it’s just bug fixes.

It’s a minor release in terms of new features, like a new container at Home page for vCloud Air, but has fixed a lot of issues (take a look at release notes). It also increased it’s supported databases, supporting now Oracle 12c, SQL 2012 SP 1 and SQL 2014,

WOW, hosts are getting bigger, ESXi now supports hosts with 6TB of RAM, VMware vShiel Endpoint Thin Agent has been renamed to VMware Tools Guest Introspection. There's also some welcome fixes for purple screens that might be happening in some specific situations.

Its follows the supported databases as vCenter and also fixed a issue that took a longer time to a host starts rebooting after some patching.
Now the appliance is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3. There’s some changes on Top-N Widget which can now interacts with other widgets and provide filter on the data also there's now specific metrics for Port WWN and Storage Paths, cool right.

Personaly I think SRM 5.8 brought the most interesting new features, now it integrates with vSphere Web Client, also there’s a new vCO plu-in for SRM. If you are also using ESXi 5.5 U2 the Operations Maximum has increased as well. If you don’t want to use an external database now SRM includes an optional vPostgreSQL.
That’s all great news, don’t you think ?

This VR appliance brings interoperability with vCloud Air DR solution out of the box, meaning you dont have to download a specific version anymore.
Also new reporting dashboard that provides summary reports of vSphere Replication usage was provided.

This version changed the way of collection objects in vCenter resulting in a more properly collection, now it’s possible to set a purge day setting for logs besides of a more intuitive vCAC integration and improvements at plugin-SDK and Rest API.

USB 3.0 support is now included, expanded virtual printing support and HTML access is now fully supported on Windows 8  and Windows 8.1 remote desktops are just a few examples of news on this release.

This version is focus on integration, as with vCAC 6.1, and as addition of your preferred public clouds or vCloud Air, also some enhancements on usability and reporting.

This release provides fast time to value with more automation and focused information and business cases with Out of the Box Dashboards, Installaion and deployment enhacements, usability improvements and also fixes for some issues that might be driver you crazy ; )

Good reading... I know it’s a lot to digest

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