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A couple of months ago, a client asked me if it’s supported to run Red Hat Clustering Suite within a VMware vSphere environment.

This kind of question always leads me to the same answer:
In general, there should be no restrictions to run any application inside a virtual machine (exception is for applications that requires an specific hardware to work, like tokens or dongles), others applications may require a few adjusts to run without any problem, but, the main point here is to check if the application's vendor supports it on a virtual environment.

In other words, ask the vendor if their specific application is supported to run virtualized, otherwise you might end up without support.

Backing to the Red Hat Clustering Suite, also knows as RHCS or RHEL Cluster, question:
YES it’s supported.

Since It took me a few hours to check and confirm this information, I decided to share that with you guys and may be save you a few hours.
On the Red Hat’s website, you can find VirtualizationSupport for High Availability in Red Hat Enterprise, where the support statement of clustering solutions on VMware environments could be found.

While configuring the solution, there’s one caveat to make it works within a vSphere environment, you have to set up the correct fence agent. Fence support Matrix for Red Hat page describes it in details.

Just one last note, don’t take this as an official statement, those pages could be out of date. Remember my “official “answer: talk with the vendor to get and official statement.

 See you around.

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