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vCenter Chargeback comprises, essentially, of two components:

- Chargeback Server
That’s the main component of the solution, it hosts the web interface, which users will access it, provides reporting capabilities, processing of model costs, etc..

- Chargeback Collector 
That’s the component which collects the data and send them to Chargeback server to does it’s magic. There are specific collectors for vCloud, vCenter and vShield.

While you can install everything on the same server, depending on the size of your environment you can decide to have them spread out.

 You might ask yourself, “Nice, but where do I download the Chargeback collectors ? “

I have to admit, despite the fact Chargeback Installation Guide is very clear about where to find it, I did not find it smoothly.

Anyway, I though a visual indication would help better.

On the Web Interface, click on Tools and you will find:
-Download Data Collector (that’s is for vCenter)
-Download VMware Cloud Director Data Collector
-Download vShield Manager Data Collector

Next post we will talk about some Chargeback sizing and design decisions
See you

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