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On my last post I comment about how to use esxtop to gather performance data from your ESXi hosts.

The problem with esxtop is:
It’s a tool you can only run when you are connected into the host, either by an SSH session or locally on the console.

VMware recommendation for a more secure environment is to disable those accesses and manage it remotely with the VMware management tools.

So, how do we access ESXi performance counters remotely ?

If you are a fan of PowerCli you can use Get-EsxTop cmdlet.
It’s a bit trick to use it, you will need to pass few statements to the cmdlet.

I’ll give you a start.

-       Connect on the host: Connect-VIServer –server “your_host”
-       type: Get-EsxTop –server “your_host” –CounterName “counter”| select *

 To get a list of all counters available type:

-       Get-EsxTop –server “your_host” –Counter

Get-Esxtop does not work when connected against with vCenter, so make sure you established a connection directed with the host.

If you have vSphere Management Assistance(vMA) available on your environment, it might be a little easier:

-       Connect on vMA
-       Establish a connection with your vCenter.
-       Type: resxtop –server “your_host”

That’s all !! You will have the same interface esxtop provides.
The beauty of using this tool is that you don’t even need to have access to the root’s password, use your vCenter credentials to login on vCenter and the commands will be send through it.

See you next.

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