Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DRS/vMotion sudently stops working

Hi there,

It’s easy to forget about a few things when you have a lot of things we need to take care on our daily basis activities.

DRS is one of those things you set it up, watch it working a couple of times, get comfortable on how it works, forget about it and never revisit this topic. (until it goes bad).

Despite the fact my hosts were well balanced, I decide to take a look at the vMotion activities on my cluster and figured out that vMotion metric was really low.
My next step was to check the migration tasks history. It turned out that only 2 hosts were vMotionning VMs between them, there were no activity from the others hosts.

So, I tried to make a manual migration, to my surprise I got an error message during the validation test:

vMotion interface “VMotion” on destination host “hostA” does not have any operational physical network connections.

And another message said that my vMotion network label does not match destination/source.

That’s odd ! We all know the vMotion portgroup label MUST be the same among all hosts within a cluster.

I checked the label on them and they were the same on all hosts.
That’s when I remembered they were first configured with a mistyped label and to fix that I just rename it to match the others.

Well, this time I wanted to make it right, so I deleted the vMotion portgroup and created a new one with the right label.
After that the migrations are back in business.

Remember: does not rename the vMotion portgroup label, delete and create it instead

See you ; )

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