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Yesterday the post office delivery my copy of Vmware Vsphere HA and DRS Technical deepdive book.

Want to know more about this book…check it here
Why don’t get your own ? I’m sure it worth every penny …buy in here

The history behind it is that a few weeks ago I joined Veeam on a webcast called 5 New ways to use Sure Backup (just click on the link to watch the replay).

At the end of the webcast there was a contest where the firsts correct answers would win this book. Guess what ?!?! I was one of them.

I’d like to thanks Rick Vanover not just by the book or even the opportunity to learn more about their tool, but also for showing care and doing constantly follow up’s to be sure the book has been delivery properly. It’s definitely something we don’t see a lot over there.
If you have a Twitter account (not my case) why not follow him on @RickVanover

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