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Giving developers freedom and autonomy to do what they do best, delivering meaninful business vaule through faster and faster cycles has been a VMware's obssession with Tanzu portfolio.

Self-services for Kubernetes cluster creation, scale-out, update and even the creation of virtual machines is already a reality . But for vigilant eyes, there's one step back before all this beauty can happen, access to a Namespace !!!

How do you give Developers access to an environment ? Ticket systems ?!?! Shame on you !!!

vSphere with Tanzu Update 2 brought another great feature, Self-Service Namespace, now your developers can create it's own Namepace, let's dig into it.

First of all, you need to enable Namespace service on your supervisor cluster; that will create a kind of template that will be reproduced over an over every time a developer request a new Namespace.


It then starts asking about the quota you wanna set up for the Namespace template, click Next when you are done;

On the Permissions page, you assign the developer's accounts with the capability to create Namespaces, just add the users from the identity sources of your choice and click Next;

If everything is fine with your Template, just click Finish;

Now it's time to create some Namespaces.

Depending on the developers, you might have several others contexts,  make sure you are on the context of your supervisor cluster.

To create a Namespace just run: kubectl create namespace "namespace_name"

A new Namespace will be created, the developer will be the owner of it and all the configuration will be inhered from the Namespace template we just setup before.

Tanzu Update 2 had so many great features that Self-Service Namespace runs under the radar, have you notice this feature before ?

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