Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Enable Workflow Version History

You might have not realized yet but vRealize Orchestrator is a key pillar of VMware’s SDDC architecture, allowing task’s automation and extensibility with external systems to leverage the full SDDC solution, but what I really want to talk about on this post is vRO workflow version history feature.

You might think about workflow version history as a VM’s snapshots, once you take it you can use  to revert your workflow to a previous, and I hope a working, version of it, also allows you to compare the differences between versions.

It’s easy to check your versions, compare the differences and revert it back to another version.
-       Right right click on the workflow and choose Show version history.

 As you can see, there’s a list with all versions, pretty much like snapshots, just use the buttons provided to execute the actions you want.

But how the versions are created ?
Each time you save your workflow, Orchestrator will ask you if you want to create a new version of it.

-       Increase version: will create a new version of your workflow;
-       Continue anyway: will just save the changes under the same version.

if you think this message is too annoying, for sure you can disable it.
-       click Do not show this message again.

Problem is, Orchestrator will never ask you again and so no new workflow’s versions will be created, disabling version history feature.

But don’t worry you can re-enable it
-       Click Tools;
-       And then User preferences.

      -    Under Workflows;
-       Select: Increase the workflow version when clicking save and close;
-       Click Save & Close.

 Now the functionality is restored.

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