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In a recent implementation of vSphere Big Data Extension, just after creation of my first Hadoop cluster, I realized I could not manage it, there was a warning message saying: Upgrade the cluster to the latest version.

Almost the same status when I checked through CLI running:
cluster list --name “Cluster” --detail

On my case it was showing Earlier status.
It’s a common situation when you have clusters created on previous versions of BDE, which was not my case; I was on a green field scenario.

Those were the steps I used to troubleshoot it.
- Login on BDE appliance through SSH or console

- run: su serengeti
this would allow you to access the BDE’s database

- run: psql
to interact with postgres

- run: select * from server_info
as you can see, there was no information about my server’s version on the server info table.
To be honest, I don’t know how I end up on this situation, either way if it happens to you, and I hope it does not, it’s how to fix it. 

- run: insert into server_info values(1,true,2.1.0)
make sure you add the version which matches your BDE’s version.

If you run the select command again you will see the table updated accordingly

That’s it, now you can upgrade your clusters and the newer ones wont show this Upgrade message anymore.

BTW, if you right click the cluster and choose Upgrade Cluster or run cluster upgrade command, without making the table changes I show above, the task will finish but the cluster status will still showing you the Upgrade required info.

If you are not confortable on running those commands don’t hesitate to contact VMware Support, they would be glad to help.


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