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Starting with version 5.6.3 vCloud Director is now available only through vCloud Air Network Program, you might already know that, right ?!?


If you are using this version on a mixed environment and with that I mean, the vCenter is providing resources to vCloud Director but also being used as a regular vCenter, it does not matter if the VMs are being provisioned on the same cluster or not, you will soon realize an issue with the communication between vCloud Director and vCenter.


The problem is, if one of those VMs has a RDM disk when vCloud will inventory vCenter it will find it and break the connection with the error:


com.vmware.vim.binding.impl.vim.vm.device.VirtualDiskImpl$RawDiskMappingVer1BackingInfoImpl cannot be cast to com.vmware.vim.binding.vim.vm.device.VirtualDisk$FlatVer2Backinginfo

Good news is it has been fixed on vCloud Director 5.6.4


What you are waiting for go upgrade them, Tiger !!!

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