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Right after my last VMware vCloud Director implementation, the client stated their users were not available.

That’s what happened:

When trying to share a vApp with another user or even changing the ownership of it, they realize that the user they want to transfer the privilege to is not available or even worst, no user is displayed at all.

 They are using the best practices for managing privileges, granting privileges on their Org based on a LPAD user’s group, but the members of that groups is also empty.

Don’t PANIC, it’s the default behavior of VMware vCloud Director, those members will just be populated and become available once they login at least once on your Organization.

Just ask them to login and soon you will see it’s name available on the group.

then you will be able to grant them the privileges you need.

If you think about it for a second, it makes perfect sense, there’s no need for vCloud to load all the users of a LDAP group for every Org upfront, just synchronizing and uploading them when they really make use of the Cloud.

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