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My friend, Henrique and I were troubleshooting a weird issue yesterday, since we spent a few hours to solve it, I think it worth to share and may be save a few hours of you.

When you are adding a vCenter OperationsManager (vCOPs) 5.6 license to vCenter you got an error:
License error: 5
Diagnostic message: License file not found

Starting with vCOPs 5.6 the license has some kind of schema that vCenter cannot recognize it before you register your first instance of vCOPs on it.

So, the sequence to register your vCOPs 5.6 will be:

- Deploy the vAPP (vCOPs)
- Register the vCenter within vCOPs
- Add the license to vCenter
- License the vCOPs asset

But, if it’s not a fresh install and you are handling a vCOPs upgrade, from 5.0.X to 5.6, you might have the same issues as we did.

Probably you will need to change it’s license information, seems pretty straight for, right ?
 Well, it was not that easy on that particular environment, we could not simple change the license information through vSphere Client.
What we needed to do was unlicensed the asset from vCenter, remove it and then from the admin page of vCOPs register vCenter again, then vCOPs 5.6 asset appears on vCenter and you can license it.

Tip: if it’s not working, try using vSphere Client connected direct on vCenter server.

Some users might not be able to see vCOPs under the assets, VMware has a KB2032029 for that, but it basically says to re-register your vCenter, if still not working tries the tip above.

Tip2: Make sure the user you are using to register vCOPs within vCenter has the proper privileges.

*** Update *** 01/29/2013
The new license for vCOPs 5.6 just works with vCenter 5.1, if you have an older version of vCenter you must use the key that's available on the product download page.
see KB2040718

- go to the vCOPs product page.
- click on View Download corresponding with the version you want.

 - download the file VMware-vcops-

Good luck

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