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WOW, VMware has been working hard to provide you the best tools to be successfully at the Cloud Era;
Check it out some new programs and releases they made available these past weeks.

Let’s start with vSphere 5.0 Update 1, it’s the leader virtualization product and the foundation for any Cloud, and you think they cannot make it any better, BAM, a new release is out there. On this version there’s list of new features as new supported processor, support for MAC OSX Lion and new device drivers.
Another thing that might motivate you to update it as soon as possible is the list of resolved issues that will make your environment more stable.

As you might know, VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 5.5 is a fundamental part of the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, the primary theme of this release is “Cloud Ready”. Now you can guarantee compliance with through all the layers of the broader VMware products/platforms, also if you want to check your systems against verndors hardening guider and to be in sync with the rigorous regulatory as HIPAA, SOX , etc, take a look right now ; )

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0.1 (SRM), still a great tool for business continuity, it’s just a minor release with include just a few improvements as add support for IP customization for Ubuntu virtual machines, but in fact it fixed a lot of issues you might be facing, check it out on the release notes..

The VMware Service Manager enables IT organizations to deliver service excellence in this dynamic new environment with predictive problem resolution, real-time collaborative Knowledge Management, easy-to-use workflows, seamless integration with existing infrastructure and a powerful federated CMDB.
With the release of version 9.1 Patch 01 some enhancements have been made like, improved security around Approval, increase workflow, improved firewall tasks (creation/deletion of rules), it should be a good idea to update it.

vFabric Application Director 1.0, has been out of door, it’s an incredible tool for creating and deploying application to the Cloud, it’s a modular tool with drag and drop functionality that will help you automate and improve operational efficiency.
Take a look at this video and you will be amazed with the power and the simplicity of this tool.

Now you tell me which company you think is the most ready for the Cloud Era ?!?

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