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Recently I figured out that one of my ESX hosts were taking a long time to reboot.
Watching the POST I realized it was taking a long time trying to start Pegasus service, after a few minutes it fails and the remaining services start as usual.

It made me wondering why it was failing.

Pegasus is an open implementation of CIM, which monitors the hardware healthy and presents this information on the “Hardware Healthy” tab inside Virtual Center.
Learn more about Pegasus...

VMware has first identified this issue on KB1004257, but it specifies as an issue for ESX 3.5 update 1 and fixed with update 2. But my server is at update 5 !!!!

I found an article on Yellow Bricks blog about how to solve it. Take a look. (I did not use it to solve my issue)

What did I do to solve my issue ?

When looking at /var/pegasus/vmware/install_queue I found a few folders and files in there.
Those are the list of new MOF files waiting to be compiled; I can just guess why they are sitting in there. May be the first MOF file fails and the remaining ones does not get processed.
So, at every new patch/update I applied, the new MOF files are not getting compiled and queue get’s increasing.

To get all the files compiled I ran.

/etc/init.d/pegasus restart (sometimes I needed to run it twice.)

After each file got compiled, the pegasus service was back starting fine and fast.

I think you should take a look at the content of your folders (/var/pegasus/vmware/install_queue), right ; )

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