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Finally we reached the last part of this series.

Let’s review what we learned so far.

1 – How to get started
2 – Working with %pre section
3 – Working with %post section

Now it’s time to wrap up your installation.

I believe by now you have finished you installation script, if you do not rename the ks.cfg file so far that’s your opportunity and have it called something more intuitive.

Then you need to incorporate that file within ESX installation along with the custom files and RPM you want to be available (if you have one, check %post section).

But, there’s a trick in here, be aware when changing an ISO file, the hash check sum will be changed and the installation will failure. Use a program that can change a ISO file and keep the hash check sum. I use MagicISO to change ISO files.

Now you can burn your CD/DVD.

Insert the CD into the server and power on.
The Installation Choice screen will appear:

Choose the option “ESX Scripted Install using USB ks.cfg” and press F2

The boot option line will show, as bellow

replace just the word usb to cdrom:/inst.cfg

The line must be just like above. Attention, my script is called inst.cfg, replace it by yours.

Press Enter to start the installation.

Easy right ?!?!

Fell free to let a comment if it works for you.

See you next

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